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Practical Ways of Fighting Illiteracy

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26 May 2017
In the framework of its monthly meetings, Community and Media Center Kunduz (Mediothek Kunduz) organized an event on 25th of May 2017 to discuss and analyze practical ways of fighting illiteracy especially among civil servants and government employees but also employees of non-governmental institutions and citizens.  
Teaching Assistance of the provincial department of education, head of the provincial department for women affairs, civil society representatives, journalists and representatives of media institutions participated in the event.
A large percentage of the Afghan population is illiterate due to years of continued wars and violence. And illiteracy is a big social challenge and widespread poverty, pervasive unemployment, lack of access to healthcare, security changes, and crimes have contributed to worsening the challenge.
The challenge of illiteracy is more pervasive among female population because of the constraints they have in accessing education as compared to their male counterparts.
Mediothek Afghanistan has treated the issue of improvement of literacy as its responsibility and it’s committed to working with citizens, governmental institutions, civil society organizations, the private sector, and media outlets to improve education and literacy through public awareness and citizen engagement.
It is worth mentioning that a National Campaign to combat illiteracy has been lunched nationally this year and Mediothek Kunduz is the pioneer organization in Kunduz to manage and run the campaign in Kunduz. The campaign lunched on 20th of March 2017 in which government officials, provincial council members, civil society activists, religious scholars, women, journalists and citizens participated.