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Mediothek Kunduz Celebrated World Press Freedom Day

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May 4 2017
Mediothek Kunduz celebrated World Press Freedom Day in Kunduz on May 3rd 2017.
The World Press Freedom Day (2017) is celebrated by Mediothek Afghanistan across Afghanistan at a time when recent statistics are indicative of rising security threats against journalists and media institutions in Afghanistan, media and media workers have been repeatedly targeted by insurgent groups as well as by strongmen across the country.  
Representatives of local media institutions, journalists, reporters of national and international and local media institutions based in Kunduz province, media coordination body, representatives of local governmental institutions, civil society activists and media experts participated in the event.
Representatives of various media institutions and organized spoke about the situation of media in Afghanistan and the independent union of Afghan journalists presented the latest figures of violence against journalists across Afghanistan.
“We have to stand before all these threats and violence against journalists” said, Enayatullah Khaliq, Mediothek Kunduz coordinator, “because media the freedom of media which we have has come with a price paid by our own colleagues over the past several years, and we cannot let it go.”
 Chairman of Kunduz security headquarter, Gen. Abdul Hamid Hamidi says that “it is the job of every governmental organization to support media and journalists do their job independently and property, and on one in the authority has the right to withhold information from journalists.”
As a firm supporter and advocate of a strong media and free press in Afghanistan over the past fifteen years Mediothek has managed through its continuous efforts to provide a fertile ground for media to prosper and develop despite all the challenges. And today Mediothek considers it its duty to celebrate and appreciate the work Afghan journalists, both male and female, have been doing against all odds.
At the conclusion of the official speeches and remarks Mediothek awarded journalists and media intuitions with certificate of appreciation to hail their courage and hard-work in a challenging environment for accurate dissemination of information.