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“Media and Rule of Law” workshop in Balkh

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Afghanistan is a country which has been suffering from a lack of law and from the absence of rule of law and it therefore encounters a wide range of challenges. The media as a pivotal principle and as a pillar of democracy and freedom can play a crucial role in strengthening the rule of law. In order to explain and to discuss the crucial role of media in the process of strengthening the rule law, the Media House Balkh conducted a two-day workshop on the topic in which 13 young male and female journalists participated.

The workshop was conducted by the Media Officer of the Mediothek, Mr. Massoud Momin. During the workshop the participants were given the rare opportunity of sharing their views and discussing different issues including "the outcome of the rule of law", "key principles of the rule of law", "the rule of law and the future of Afghanistan", "the crisis of the rule of law", "duties and responsibilities of journalists with regards to the rule of law", "the role of the media and journalists when implementing and strengthening the rule of law"…
Participants welcomed the workshop as a successful effort and thanked the Media House Balkh for its ongoing endeavor to help and support journalists and the media through its capacity-building program and other regular programs.

At the end of the program, participants were handed certificates of a successful completion.