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Roundtable Discussion with Local Media Marketing officers

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27 April 2017
Community and media center Khost (Mediothek Kost), organized a roundtable discussion with the marketing staff of local media outlets to analyze the challenges and opportunities of local media marketing and exchange views on developing better improvement for successful marketing.
“We know the challenges of media not only here locally but also nationally, however it is very important for the economic sustainability of media outlet to carve out mechanisms for boosting their marketing potential” said Saifullah Hayat, coordinator of Mediothek Khost.
Mediothek coordinator added that Mediothek Afghanistan has been working for the sustainability of media, and promised to organize training workshop on improving marketing skills of media from local sources.
A majority of private media organizations in Afghanistan are dependent on international funds and in the absence of outside funds they would not be able to continue their operation and must close down as they are countless such examples.