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Mediothek’s Peace Caravan Successfully Concluded

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Mediothek Balkh organized a three Peace Caravan in Balk. Civil society activists, community organizers, representatives of youth groups, women advocates and local government officials from Northern and Northeastern province, and Kabul participated in the event.
 “Mediothek Afghanistan has been organizing the peace caravan series for more than a decade now with the aim of promoting discourse of peace and security issues among citizens, activists and government officials through face to face dialogues and exchange of views,” said Saber Naqshbandi, Mediothek Balkh coordinator.
More than 50 participants including civil society and media activists, reporters, government officials, women right advocates, community organizers, students and youth from Balkh, Takhar, Badakhshan, Baghlan and Kabul provinces participated in the event.
The first and the inaugural part of the “Peace Caravan” started with a speech by Abdullah Rasully, program coordinator of Mediothek Afghanistan, Dr. Mohammad Afzal Hadid head of Balkh provincial council, representatives of civil society from Balkh, Badakhshan and Kunduz.
Peace Caravans is a series of important and practical programs implemented by Mediothek Afghanistan with the aim of encouraging participation of various social groups in the process of nation building and strengthening peace and democracy. The programs through its numerous aspects also bring together communities and social groups from different walks of life to fight against violence and conflicts and work together to promote tolerance, mutual acceptance, inhibition of prejudgment and seek practical solutions to the challenges facing communities across the country.
Chairman of the provincial peace council of Balkh, Dr. Afzal Hadeed believes that given the ongoing violence and widespread insecurity across the country programs such as this peace caravan play hugely significant role in keeping the discussion of peace alive. “I firmly believe that the sincere commitments of citizens to peace can leads to a lasting peace and such events provide the platforms for citizens to come together and discuss the issues upfront,” added the peace council chairman.
“We have no alternative for peace and peace is the only option for us and peace is only possible through the engagement of civil society and citizens in productive discussions about peace and security,” says, Sayed Abiding Sadat – a civil society activist from Badakhshan province.
The event comprised different segments of key-speeches; group-work activities, lectures and educational tours. Several working groups worked on the various aspect of promoting peace through dialogue and citizens’ participation and each presented the result of their groups with the larger group.
As a part of the event, participants visited Mitra TV Network and the provincial peace council of Balkh and met with their officials and employees and discussed the issue of promotion of peace through media and peace-oriented reporting and the role of the peace council in engaging citizens.
On the third day of the program participants visited the historical Balkh district and met local activists, citizens and officials.
And on the afternoon of the third day participants returned to Mediothek Balkh and concluded the program. Mediothek Afghanistan Coordinator, Hamidullah Zazai assessed the program and stressed that Mediothek Afghanistan is committed to continuing the program.