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Mediothek Kunduz Marked Int. Women’s Day

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09 March 2017
Community and media center Kunduz (Mediothek Kunduz) organized a splendid event to celebrate 8tt of March (International Women’s Day) or women international solidarity day in Kunduz province, dozens of women, government officials, women and human rights advocates, civil society activists, journalists and citizens participated in the event.
Mediothek organized a wide range of activities and programs such as seminars, theater, music and craft fairs for women, distribution of gifts.
 “Women have the potential and the ability for change societies and bring positive change; a woman can do anything a man can, but we need to provide the space they need to play their role,” said, Enayatullah Khaliq, Mediothek Kunduz coordinator, “we still have a long way to go in empowering women and each one of us must start if from our own families and Mediothek is here to provide you that space.”  
Head of the provincial department of women affairs spoke about the challenges and opportunities of women and praised Mediothek Kunduz for its continued support in organizing open debates on progress and challenges of women.
Amid cheers and applauds girls students sung a song they composed and written about the role and genius of women, subsequently a theatre show explaining the capabilities of women was performed.
Party flying balloons were provide to participants and each wrote a special message praising women’s extraordinary abilities and commitments and collectively let the balloons fly over Kunduz green sky. At the conclusion, participants visited an exhibition of handicrafts by women also organized in Mediothek Kunduz as part of the event.
Mediothek Afghanistan has been celebrating International Women’s Day for more than one and half decade in Afghanistan and across various provinces each year.