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How local media produces social and peaceful messages

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Media House Kunduz conducted a roundtable to discuss the issue of social reporting with local journalists and media representatives. To give more room for socially positive messages in local media outlets. A number of journalists and media representatives of local media participated in the roundtable.
The main of objective of the roundtable was, to remind journalists and media representatives that social development and education through media is an important duty of journalists and media.
All participants shared their diverse views about the issue and discussed how to strengthen media to play their role in a socially responsible manner.
Similarly, each participant put forward some suggestions and ideas on how to get and prepare media to craft and present socially constructive messages. They asked media house Kunduz to capitalize even more in this regard and support journalists and media to support their communities.
Participants unanimously agreed on holding a monthly gathering in media house Kunduz to discuss this issue and seek new ways of encouraging media and journalists to actively engage in social awareness and development.

The roundtable lasted for two hours and at the conclusion all participant pledged that they will right away begin to present and broadcast social messages.