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Media and Social Responsibilities Discussion

Media and Social Responsibilities Discussion 2012
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On the 19th of October the Media House Khost organized a roundtable with local media experts, representatives and reporters to discuss the social responsibility of media. 
Around twelve people participated in the roundtable; they discussed media and its social responsibilities. Participants argued that the media have been able to successfully perform their social duties to some extend, however it is crucial that they work even harder and with more commitment for positive change in society and shaping opinions. The articipants argued that media has been working hard on public awareness and education. 
Participant unanimously stated that the governmental media and institutions should contribute and commit more capital to help media help people through public awareness programs.
Participants shared their views and experiences and pledged to do more in this regard and cooperate with each other. Participants argued that they will work together to write some socially useful and constructive messages and invite influential figure to present those messages.They see influential people as a role model which can be very effective in conveying the message, therefore it a good way to start out with, they argue.
They also asked media house Khost to keep its effort on and provide a platform for media as it has done so far. The Media House representatives pledged to support and help journalists in every way possible.