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Proposals for Human Rights and Rule of Law Programs

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Media House Herat
Media House Herat organized a gathering with the representatives of human rights organizations, civil society activists, human rights experts and journalists to discuss and collect their views about effective and successful implementation of a series of programs, in 2015 on strengthening human rights and rule of law.
Participants emphasized the need for effective public awareness program about human rights issues and rule of law, particularly in rural areas and districts.
The public awareness programs can be carried out through various platforms such as workshops, discourses and media programs, participants suggested.
Participants proposed that gaps between rural areas and big cities, especial the existent difference when it comes to such issues as human rights and rule of law should be tacked through programs.  
It is also very important to educate citizens through workshops and similar other programs about their own basic rights. Youths should be the focus of such workshops and programs.
Similarly, participants expressed that it is equally significant to work with elders, religious scholars, Imams, members of development councils in order to give the right tools to play a more robust and constructive role, given the their positions in society.