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The magic box

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The magic box is a program for the children, helped by Afghans living in Australia initiated by Nasiba Akram and implemented by the theater group of community center Kunduz in Kunduz city and Khanabad district. In the year 2005, the German association called "Die Bundeswehr hilft Kindern in der Dritten Welt e.V" which assists with the children in the 3rd world countries, has also delivered its assistances.
Here is the agenda:

  • The magic box or theater for the children.
  • Cartoon show and role plays for the children and training them in these regards.
  • Quiz programs, drawing, painting and etc.
  • Telling tales, jokes, puzzle, poems and interesting points.
  • Singing choirs and songs with music.
  • Entertainments as: Ropedancing, rope-pulling, Gorg-o-Bara (an Afghan play) hide and seek, and etc.