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Agenda of "Strengthening People to People Dialogue"

Peace for the Region 2012 banner

Friday, Dec. 20th 2012, Islamabad

6:30pm Guidance and explanation of roles and regulations

Welcoming the participants and elaborating on the objectives of the conference, short review of previous AFPak conferences.

  • Explanation and description of rules and regulations of the program
  • Introduction of the agenda with key speakers

Mutual introduction of Afghan and Pakistani participants

  • Getting to know the civil society activists of Pakistan and open discussion about military and political transitions in Afghanistan, the taking over of the civil society of Pakistan in this regard

7:30pm dinner

 Saturday, Dec. 21st,  2012, Islamabad   

9:30am Official inauguration of the conference: Recitation of verses from the Holy Quran

Dr. Shah Jahan sayed Hamidullah Zazia, Managing Director, Mediothek

  • Welcoming the participants and elaborating on the objectives of program, discourses about peace (contents, objectives and achievements)
  • Brief info about the outcomes and contents of the previous conference

Introductory Speeches

  • Mr. Nasir Ali Khan Representative of higher education Representative of Peshawar University
  • Mr. Khadum Hussein, head of Pacha Khan educational institute
  • Mr. Abdul Ghafor Liwal, director of center for Regional Strategic Studies

10:30am Tea break

11:00am First session:
The current and existing roles and achievements of Afghan and Pakistani civil society institutions in strengthening peace

Moderator: Mr. Khadum Hussein head of Pacha Khan Educational Foundation

  • Mr. Emal Khatak
  • Ms. Musarat Qadeem
  • Ms. Roshan Saran
  • Mr. Ahmad Seyar Lalee

1:00pm Break for lunch and prayer

2:00pm Second session:
Media and its role in building/creating understanding and harmony…

Moderator: Rahimullah Yusoszai

  • Mr. Saiful Islam Saifi
  • Mr. Shahid Shamim
  • Mr. Safdar Dawarr
  • Mr. Mohammad Daoud Wafa
  • Mr. Rafiullah Niazai
  • Ms. Annie Zaman, Representative of Friedrich-Ebert Foundation (FES)


3:30pm Third session:
Peace Dialogues (State to State/ Track one) vs. People to People dialogue (Track two) importance and processes

Moderator: Mr. Abdul Ghafor Liwal, director of Afghan Center for Regional Strategic Studies Presenters/speakers:

  • Dr. Zahir Khatak
  • Mr. Tajuleed khan
  • Dr. Sayed Niazai
  • Eng. Baryalai Omerzai


5:30pm Evening at the Saifoor restaurant

Sunday, Dec. 22th 2012, Islamabad

9:00am Forth session:
Mutual economic needs and introduction of ways and methods for effective mutual cooperation and their impact on the regional peace process

Welcome and introduction of today's program. Introduction of the program's procedural process
Moderator: Dr. Naasir Jamal chancellor of University of Kohat

  • Mr. Afrasyab Khatak, senator and member of Awami National Party
  • Mr. Nasir Ali Khan
  • Mr. Mir Ahmad Joyenda
  • Abdul Rahman Hotaki
  • Mr. Abdul Rehman Habib zui

10:30am Tea Break

11:00am Fifth Session:
The logic of establishing international relations in the new era to ensure peace in the region

Moderator: Dr. Sayed Niazai
Presenter/speaker: Mr. Abdul Ghafor Liwal, director of center for Regional Strategic Studies

12:00pm Sixth session:
The role of international organizations in strengthening/ unifying and harmonizing women in the region

Moderator: Musarat Qadeem

  • Ms.Seemah Representative of Heinrich Boell foundation
  • Dr. Homaira Qadiri

1:00pm Break for lunch and prayer

Strategies and plans for upcoming mutual cooperation for peace efforts

  • Cooperation of political institutions and parties
  • Cooperation of civil society institutions
  • Cooperation of educational and institutions
  • Mutual and joint media cooperation

3:30pm General discussions about strategies for joint work and cooperation

4:30pm Dinner at Damanah-e-Koh