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Media House Peshawar

The Media House in Peshawar was established in July 2008 in Peshawar city for the purpose of assisting and capacitating the cross boarder journalists and establish the network of pashtoon belt journalists.
The Media House building is located in Peshawar’s posh area of Hayatabad Township. The building has office rooms and a big conference hall which has space for around 60 people.
Media house Peshawar will provide the journalists with an open and safe space for voluntary work and networking and enable them to access to information. In bi-weekly workshops the participants in the network will deepen their cooperation and work to improve media coverage and participation in the context of the conflict and therefore contribute to peacefully transform the conflict in the tribal belt. The Media House is working with media activists ( journalists) with an objective to promote peace building in Pak-Afghan cross-border regions.