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Community Center Behsood-Wardak

The community center in Behsood was established on 14th October 2003 in Behsood district of Wardak province. For the time, main activities of this community center were focused on educational programs like language and computer training courses, Mediothek Community Center Wardak had been active in chak and sayed Abad, Wardak since 2002 to the end of 2005. This center has started its main and prominent activities and programs in Behsood in the beginning of the year 2006. Since the establishment, this community center was launching its activities in a rental house. Based on the efforts of the local residents and the person in-charge, from now on Mediothek in Behsood has its own building. The construction of the centre was financed by "Afghan professionals and students in Sydney, and Dr. Aziz Zekrya in Switzerland", organized and co-operated by Nasiba Akram. Mediothek CCBW has been offering cultural, social and educational programs and In addition, this center has been successful in forming and establishing two new youth’s associations in sayed Abad and Behsood.