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Community Center Badakhsha

As a result of rigorous discussions, opinion polls, and consultations with experts and individuals the regional office of Mediothek was established on June, 20th,2009. exactly, Two months earlier on April 20th, 2009, during a splendid trip, which was organized by the youth and directorate of information and culture of Badlkshan province, Mr. Hamid Zazai the coordinator of Mediothek highlighted the firm commitment of the Mediothek, subsequently, Kullnawar Bahman one of Badkhshan well-renowned figures and a publication advisor in the ministry of Information and Culture, the head of women affairs of Badakhan, the chairman of information and culture, scholars, literary figures, and representatives from civil and journalistic institution of Badhshon, and youth among the speakers; all participants appreciated the commitments, initiatives, and goals of Mediothek in establishing its office in Badakhshan province, and the undeniable support of Mediothek office Kuduz.
Medoithek office in Badakhsh was established based on its well grounded policies and strategies, to preserve and enhance cultural and social life of Badakhshan’s inhabitants, and work side by side with people and youth of Badakhshan.