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Mediothek Afghanistan

An Afghan-German non-government organization committed to peace and democracy in Afghanistan

Our Objectives:

  • strengthen civil society structures and peace capacities
  • develop and support pluralistic media
  • promote democratic values and a culture of tolerance and non-violence
  • provide platforms for peaceful interaction and dialogue
  • promote community, institution and nation building

Our Mission:

Peace building to support a democratic and peaceful future for Afghanistan and the region through education, community building, conflict transformation, and media development

Our Approach:

The Mediothek has a decentralized structure which allows the offices in the different provinces to respond flexibly to the local needs and sensibilities. Executive Mediothek’s staff consists of locally respected personalities who ensure a high level of trustworthiness, Afghan ownership, and strong social networks in the provinces.

Our History:

Mediothek was founded in Germany by exile Afghans and German experts of Afghanistan in 1993. According to the shifting needs of the country during the various phases of conflict the focus of Mediothek changed: from preserving the cultural heritage, school projects, and academic initiatives in the 1990s to peace building activities to support the peace and democratization process that started on the Petersberg in 2001.


The Mediothek Afghanistan is also available via facebook.